Milagre Adult Program (MAP)

Meet the Team

Educational Director: Crystal Wenzel, M.Ed in Special Education

Crystal has been the Educational Director of Milagre Kids School / South Campus since its inception in 2008.  She has worked as an educator with students with Autism since 1994.  She obtained undergraduate degree in Special Education from West Chester University and her Masters in Education from American College of Education.   Throughout the years, she has worked with individuals with Autism both within the home and classroom setting.  She has had the opportunities to present on her classroom management and organizational strategies through PATTAN and at the PENN State Autism Conference.  Since beginning at Milagre, she has designed and implemented individualized educational and behavioral programming for the students at Milagre Kids School.

Our services don’t end with high school.

The end-goal of Milagre is to help students improve their overall quality of life including independent abilities, employment, social inclusion, community competence, and happiness. Milagre readies students for the real word by providing them opportunities to practice skills to help them gain independence.

With MAP, our students volunteer with various businesses in the community to learn how to earn a living. From folding boxes to gardening, Milagre helps its students prepare for the future.